Lash extenstions are an exciting and innovative lash extension product which are designed to produce thicker, longer and more abundant looking eyelashes. Using a state of the art technique, one lash is applied directly to the each one of your individual lashes. The process is repeated until a full set of lash extensions is complete and you've got the thicker, fuller and more defined lashes you've always dreamed of without the need of mascara! And when professionally and properly, you can't feel any difference after having your lashes extended with Semi Permanent Lashes! 

Lashes can be worn indefinitely, which means you don't have to take a break without your lashes and it won't cause any damage to your own natural lashes. Simply pop in every 2-3 weeks for a lash infill! 

For this appointment, we do ask that you show up free of eye makeup, as this will eat into your appointment time and gives us less time to make your lashes beautiful! 

*Because we're using glue around the eye area, this treatment will require a patch test at least 48 hours prior to the treatment being carried out. We will NOT provide this treatment on anyone without having a patch test first! 


Lash lifts are a great alternative to Semi-Permanent Lashes designed to dramatically enhance your natural lashes, making them look longer, fuller and more lifted! The treatment involves lifting and tinting, rather than curling the lash. The process involves using a lifting lotion to fix your lashes in an upright position, followed by a tint to ensure maximum impact! 

This treatment lasts approximately 6-8 weeks, and unlike the semi-permanent lashes, you can continue using mascara (although, we doubt you'll need it!) and oil based products around your eyes. 

*This treatment will require a patch test to be carried out at least 48 hours prior to the treatment being carried out. We will NOT carry out this treatment on anyone without having a patch test first! 

Brow Babes! If you're looking for the ultimate brow makeover then look no further! This service is the full works! This is a 7 step treatment, that's completely tailored to you to help you achieve your perfect brows! 

This treatment begins with a custom blend of brow tint. We take your hair colour, your skin tone, your style and of course, your personal preference into account! This is one of the most exciting steps, because it picks up all those tiny fair and fluffy hairs you had no idea you had! 


Next, comes the brow mapping. We talk about the shape your aiming to achieve and measure and map your brows to see where we're going to remove hair and where we're going to try to encourage hair to grow! This is a step you're actively involved in to ensure you get the brows you've always dreamed of! 


Step three is the hair removal. We use a warm wax to quickly remove all those unwanted hairs! We use Jax Wax Australia Waxing products, a vehan friendly and paraben free luxury wax that's formulated for speed, thin application and to remove even the finest hairs! 

Step four is threading. We use a thin, specially made 100% cotton thread to grip hold of any tiny hairs around the brow area. This helps to blend out any harsh waxing lines, making the skin around the brows smooth and seamless. 

Next step is the soothing process! Soothing products are applied to the skin to protect the skin and help bring down any redness from the wax and threading! 

Step six, involves the last little hair removal techniques to ensure not a single hair is out of place. This step may not be necessary, but we like attention to detail! 

The last and final step is makeup application. We want our brow babes to walk out of this treatment with instantly perfect brows! So if you do have any sparse bits, this treatment will just fill those gaps while we wait for your hair to grow back! 

*This treatment will require a patch test at least 48 hours prior to the appointment! We will NOT carry out this treatment on anyone without a patch test!