S P R A Y   T A N N I N G


HALF BODY | £40.00     FULL BODY | +£8.00


Our spray tans are a temporary, sun-kissed glow that can range in both depth and tone. Our tans last between 7 - 10 days, depending on your skin and lifestyle, making it perfect for both a special event, holiday or just generally day to day. Our MoroccanTan solution is sprayed onto your body and is touch dry within a few minutes. This can then be washed off within 2-8 hours depending on your desired depth and you'll be left with a beautiful, even, natural looking tan. 


Cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, MoroccanTan offers a range of shades to suit all desires - from deep, ashy brown to rich violet bronzers that adapt to individual skin tones, that all ensure the flawless rich finish that looks and feels as every tan is 100% real. 


MoroccanTan not only looks great but also contains a one of a kind technology - FT100 (Firming & Toning Technology) a blend of caffeine, Essential Vitamins, and Oxygen to achieve firmer skin and reduce the appearance of fine line, resulting in overall younger looking skin, while maintaining natural moisture balance. 

F U L L   B O D Y 

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Our full body treatment covers the whole body, including face. 

H A L F   B O D Y 

Our half body treatment is perfect for events and your outfit only reveals a portion of your body. Choose between your legs, arms and shoulders, or just a full body without your torso. 



What should I wear to my appointment?

Wear loose, dark clothing - Spray tan can tranfer onto clothing and although it will wash out, it's best to keep them loose and dark in colour. No bra - It can be horrible being out and about with a bra, but while you tan has been freshly applied, it's best to avoid putting on anything tight like a bra which may rub off parts of the tan. Old, dark coloured knickers - While we do provide disposable underwear for you to use, most clients prefer to wear their own. We recommend wearing old knickers in a dark colour that you don't mind getting stained. Keep in mind the area underneath your knickers will not be tanned, so wearing a thong is recommended to prevent large tan lines.

What can I do to prepare for my treatment?

- Exfoliate using a non-oily scrub or loofah.
- If shaving, this must be at least 8 hours prior to tanning.
- If waxing, this must be at least 24 hours prior.
- Arrive free from products on the skin (perfumes, make-up, body creams etc). Don't worry too much if you're arriving straight from work - We provide cleansing wipes for you to remove any make-up/deodorant prior to treatment.
- Bring loose clothing to wear after your tan.

I've had a spray tan and my underarms have turned green.

First of all, don't panic! Any deodorant/perfume left on the skin during you spray tan can cause a reaction which makes the tanning solution turn green.
This green colour washes off easily with soap and water leaving you with an even bronzed tan.

I'm nervous! I've never had a spray tan before. What can I expect?

1. It's best to turn up make-up, perfume and deodorant free. Don't panic if you're coming straight from work. We do provide cleansing wipes for you to remove this on arrival. 2. We have a consultation - First, you'll sit down with your Therapist and chat about the service. We'll check for any medication/health conditions that may prevent the treatment going ahead and then discuss what kind of tan you're looking for. 3. We'll leave the room and let you get undressed. Everything will already be set up for you, and we'll give you time to prepare yourself. We provide disposable knickers that you can wear or you can just wear your own (we recommend old, dark knickers you don't mind getting stained). We also provide a hair net to protect your hair and some wipes for you to remove any deodorant or make-up you have on. We also recommend removing any rings, bracelets or necklaces at this time too. 4. Step into the tent. We have a large tent for you to stand in while getting spray tanned. We provde sticky pads to go on the bottom of your feet to prevent the underneath of your feet getting stained. We also apply barrier cream at this time to the palms of your hands, finger nails, knees, elbows, eyebrows or any hair still on show. 5. We start spraying. We're not going to lie, it can feel a little chilly at first but you soon get use to it. As we're spraying, we'll ask you to get into a couple of different positions. This allows us to ensure you're spray tan is 100% even. 6. Once you're done, it's time to dry. We'll use the hose of the spray gun to blow warm air onto your body to help speed up the drying process. Usually this takes no more than 5 minutes. During this time, we'll talk you through some of the things you can do to help prolong your tan and make sure it stays even and natural. 7. Once you're all dry, you can get dressed. We recommend wearing loose, dark clothing until you're ready to wash the tan off. This can be anything from 2-8 hours.



20 minutes



7-10 days.






Damaged nails. 

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