G E L   P O L I S H 


HANDS | £25.00     FEET | £28.00   

Gel polish is a 14+ day nail colour that benefits from stronger, enhanced nails with mirror-like shine that resists chips, nicks and smudges. Gel applies just like a regular polish but is cured under an LED lamp. This means there is zero drying time and can be removed in minutes with no nail damage. 

Cuticles get some TLC, nails are shaped and then lightly etched. A minimum of 2 coats of gel polish are applied followed by a top coat and all cured in an LED lamp. The treatment is finished off with cuticle oil and some hand lotion. 

Gel polish should last 14+ days, however, we recommend not wearing it for longer than 21 days. We offer a 48 hour fix policy, which means if you gel chips within 48 hours, we'll fix it for free. After this, there is a charge of £2 per nail. Please see our full list of policies for more details. 

Nail art options are available. See our Nail Art Guide for inspiration and pricing!

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Does gel polish ruin your nails?

No! This is a common misconception. When applied correctly, removed correctly and you're following the aftercare advice give to you, you will NOT damage your nails. When overlays are picked off or removed incorrectly, it can cause damage to your nail plate leading to sensitivity, spliting or lifting (onycholysis). Shade.Beauty has a passion for creating beautifully healthy, incredible looking nails. All team members have had extensive training in correct application, maintenance and removal techniques to ensure we're working to the highest standard possible.

Do I need a break between appointments to let my nails breathe?

No! We often hear clients ask this during their appointments. Nails do not need to breathe. There's no need for a break between nail appointments. Our nail plates are not alive and they do not have any ability to absorb air into their membrane. 100% of the oxygen and nutrients the nail requires to grow and be healthy comes from the blood stream. All waste products are also removed by the blood stream.

Can I have some nail art?

Yes! Head to our nail art guide or send us your ideas for a price.



60 minutes.



2-3 weeks.



Anyone aged 12+



Diseased, damaged nails or under 12 year olds.